The Media Directory is a project to create a non-profit application and a Directory for all workers in the field of media. Its aim is to facilitate and provide opportunities in all transparency, taking into account privacy and of course away from any fake advertisements and requests from both the customer or provider (service / work)

Registration is available for the following categories

  • Model – Actor – Actress
  • Photographer
  • Director
  • Presenter
  • Voice Over
  • Makeup Artist
  • Studio

The application is sponsored by DiGiPL, and for every successful registration that meets the conditions, the company will produce a free show-real video using the data sent by each registered member, so that this video can be used either by DiGiPL when needed, or within the application, or by the member to show previous work.

Before you start registering, you must prepare the following

  1. Up to 10 photos, documents, PDF, Presentations or CV about me or my previous works (you can choose the best personal photos or photos that show your works).
  2. An impromptu video or audio file, introduce yourself freely (we start with the name, then any improvisation is allowed) the duration of the clip does not exceed 60 seconds.

We will Send responders a copy of their response at email and data can be changed after being submitted for modifications

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